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Managing, Talent or high performing staff is a critical role for a line manager. Performance appraisal should be ’employee centric’ whereby the talented employee presents achievements to the line manager and —NOT the other way around. Why?

  • Today’s performance management means the employee treats their performance as a set of deliverables rather like a project manager-they are on top of the work
  • It is the employee’s job not the line manager
  • The employee knows what has happened during the year
  • The employee can explain what went well and what did not and why
  • The employee can summarise what they have learnt and what they would do differently next year
  • The talent can appraise themselves

In fact, an annual appraisal is insufficient to review the past performance cycle and compare achievement versus expectations.

Instead, consider mini reviews each quarter so around four times a year. i.e. three brief reviews that culminate in the end of the year review.

This is good from a number of standpoints. First, it lets the talent see how they’re doing on a regular basis, and it’s also a good way to track changes and progress throughout the year.

  • Before the annual appraisal ask your talented employee to:
  • Complete the PM form with KRAs, KPIs, targets, results and ratings.
  • Submit the completed PM form to you one week before the appraisal
  • Review the talent’s performance and discuss with your line manager
  • Prepare for the appraisal meeting


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