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Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills:

2-3 Days training

Why do we need facilitation skills?

  • Do you come out of presentations feeling that it has not achieved anything?
  • Would you like all team meetings to be focused, where everyone s ideas are valued and used and where the session ends on time?
  • If the person in charge was able to handle conflict, cut through time wasting and enable the group to reach agreement, would this help?

Of course, it would.

If you answered yes to any of the above then facilitation skills training will help.

You just need to identify which group of employees would benefit

Training Objectives:

Core Measures Facilitation Skills training is change driven and focuses on the ability to conduct and manage presentations, meetings and mini workshops.

  • Discuss adult learning and understand the difference between andragogyand pedagogy.
  • Identify the differences between a trainer, facilitator, instructor, coach and teacher.
  • Understand nine skill areas necessary to facilitate and manage a workshop.
  • Introduce Concepts & Theory, Use Examples & Analogies, Demonstrate
  • Learn Presentation & use of Facilitation Skills, Makes Effective Transitions, Provide Guidance & Direction, Provide Feedback & Coaching, Encourage Use of Skills & Process, Manage Time.
  • Utilize training techniques; ice-breakers, programmed learning, feedback, participant-led learning, role play-behaviour modelling and skill practice options, case studies, action mazes, small group discussions/brainstorming, mind mapping, use of mnemonics, use of music, video, refresher activities, games, quizzes & wrap-up activities.
  • Develop a four-stage training evaluation model by designing quantitative and qualitative performance measures.
  • Receive individual feedback supported by a written summary of demonstrated behaviours, strengths and areas for development.
  • Write a guided action plan to conduct and manage presentations and mini workshops.


Participants receive a field book containing; All skill area materials, all training techniques, checklists for facilitation and management skills, presentation, training planning, observation and feedback.


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