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An effective Recognition Policy contributes to a higher cultural unity and employee morale. It aids your organisation in being perceived as an employer of choice. Thus, it aids recruitment and retention and impacts on organisational productivity and financial results.

Traditionally recognition focuses on those who have dedicated long service.

More importantly today, employees are recognised for cultural unity and displaying the organisational Values at an exceptional level.

By recognising such employees for their passion and commitment it is intended to show them that their effort in key competencies are appreciated.

Recognition is significant because this can improve employee engagement, which, ultimately can increase employee satisfaction and performance.

If you need support to create such a policy framework with policy objectives, scope and eligibility with roles responsibilities and process -please get in touch

We can work with you to develop a successful cultural Values award and recognition system. This could involve the following steps.

  • Create a policy manual and process & provide training
  • Define the scope and direction
  • Establish the guidelines, & measurement criteria
  • Choose the awards (with your support)
  • Communicate the recognition intervention (if required)
  • Present the awards (provide support, if required)


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